On Saturday i got to be a part of very special first moments in my friends lives and this shoot was one of them, Fiona was amazing and i loved how the shoot was especially being the opening of my friend Thomson Ncube studio which is one spot any photographer should shoot from

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I love doing portraiture



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Last Sunset 2011

As a way to take last images in 2011 i decided to capture the sunset…and it was amazingly breathtaking…enjoy

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Lisanusu 2

I always laugh and have fun when am working with Lisanusu,she rocks

lisanusu not only sees makeup artistry as her passion, but also as an opportunity to satisfy a client by giving them as close to 100 percent of what they ask for as she possibly can. In her eyes, the art of cosmetics and all that it entails is not as easy as it looks, and can often bring a great deal of confidence to a client when done correctly. Having the ability to give someone such confidence and a feeling of security in how they look, even if just for a moment, is something lisanusu is proud of and will show it in her process and of course, in the end result!



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Makmende & Micky Superheroes Nairobi style

I used to have a small puppy called Micky, he was the best pet i have ever had, so years on i still think about Micky and i decided to draw an Action Hero in honor of him…you know those child hood threats of my dog can beat your dog kinda thing. So i also included my fictional Makmende hero idea, so that Makmende and Micky can fight the BAD in the society…look in this space for more upcoming Makmende & Micky arts

The Game that will stick all

This idea from westgate was just brilliant…everywhere i go i always find this sticker on the back of the cars and i just smile and am happy to have been the graphic designer behind it

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Mombasa by Night

I LOVE Mombasa, i have once lived here and the city is amazing, everything about it is awesome…the food, people, lifestyle, architecture and everything else in this first part of the project i looked at the nightlife mostly car and people trails


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